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Best View You Will Miss on Bokor National Park

Preah Monivong National Park known as Bokor National Park located in Teuk Chhou District, Kampot province. It is 1,075 metres high above sea level and about 11 kilometres from kampot town to the foot of the mountain and 32 kilometres from the foot to the cloudy peak. Bokor Mountain was found by the French in 1917 and developed into a resort in 1921. It was the famous summer escape for the French elites and royal family.

Have a look on our photo collections on this hill:

Check out few 360-degree interactive photos which were collected by Google Street View:

Do you want to visit there? Check on the direction (from Wat Phnom to Thansur Bokor Highland Resort by National Road 3) on Google Maps!

Library for the French Department

Library for French Department, RUPP
Have you ever visited the main campus of RUPP (Royal University of Phnom Penh)? If you get entered by IFL's entrance, you will see a building looks like a leaf at your left side located inside the RUPP campus. This building is the library for the French department and it is modeled after a Cambodian palm leaf hat (with the moat of water surrounding the building as the brim) - architectured by a well-know Cambodian  architect, Mr. Vann Molyvann.

In short about the photo:
Location: Inside RUPP Campus, Phnom Penh
Photographer: Khmer HDR

Virtual Tour of RUPP Main Campus

Views on Google Maps

The Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) is Cambodia’s oldest and one of the largest public universities. It is unique in Cambodia for offering specialist degrees in fields including the sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as professional degrees in fields such as information technology, electronics, psychology, social work, and tourism. RUPP also provides Cambodia’s foremost degree-level language programs through the Institute of Foreign Languages.

Through these interactive 360-degree photos, RUPP becomes the first university in Cambodia where it has been covering by more than 60 photo spheres located in various spots such as Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC), The Institute of Foreign Langues (IFL), Department of French, Department of Media and Communication (DMC), Hun Sen Libary, Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center (CKCC), and other locations in the main campus.

So, let have the virtual tour of RUPP main campus through the above 360º photos or on Google Maps!

Toul Preah Reach Chea Tour

Toul Preah Reach Chea Pagoda is a famous pagoda among others in Kandal province where most of older people know it well. Now you can visit it virtually by just clicking the arrow to where you want to visit.

What the interesting point to visit?
The pagoda fulls of two main big and tall Buddha's statue, and silent and nice view surrounding by temples.

How to reach there?
It is located in Pouthi Ban commune, Kaoh Thum district and Kandal province which you can go there by two ways:
1. From Phnom Penh, you can go along the National Road No. 21 and when arriving near Samphan pagoda (see the map), you have to cross the Bassac River to National Road No. 21B by Samphan ferry then turn right by spending few minutes then you can reach it.
2. Starting from Phnom Penh too, you can go there by crossing Preah Monivong Bridge then turn right nearby and drive the following road straingly - about 74km from Wat Phnom to there, and it spends about 2 hours if you decide to go by the road. Personally, I suggest you to choose the first option.

Enjoy your exploring thru this 360-degree view!

360-degree View of Banan Temple

Banan Temple (ប្រាសាទ បាណន់) was adapted the architecture of mid-11th century and the end of 12th century which was first built by King Ut Tak Yea Tit Tya Varman II (1050-1066) and then was finally built by the King Jarvarman VII (1181-1219). The temple is located on the top of approximate 400-meter heighten mountain at Kon Tey 2 commune, Banan District in 25-kilometer distance from the provincial town by the provincial Road No 154 (former No 155) parallel to Sangke River.

You can take a virtual tour by viewing the above photo!

In short about the photo:
Title: 360º Photo of Banan Temple
Location: Banan District, Battambnag Province
Contributed by: Khmer HDR

Royal Palace in 360º Photo

He was built in 1866 by King Norodom the Royal palace is now home to His Majesty Preah Bat Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk, King of Cambodia,and Her Majesty Preah Reach Akka-Mohesey Norodom Monineath Sihanouk, the Queen of Cambodia. The architecturally incongruous Napoleon III pavilion shipped and reassembled in Cambodia was a gift of the French Empress Eugenie in the early 20th century. Outside the southeast wall of the palace is the house of the white elephant traditionally used for special regal occasions including Royal births, deaths or weddings ~ according to Phnom Penh Capital Hall.

Now you can tour virtually in Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Cambodia as viewed above (except the prohibition sites).

In short about the photo:
Title: Photo Sphere of Royal Palace
Location: Phnom Penh Capital, Cambodia
Contributed by: 고기만

Angkor Wat Temple on Google Street View

In the early of April 2014, it is the official time that Google Street View project officially announces to publish Cambodian historical tourism site, Angkor Wat Temple worldwide.

Angkor Wat, capital of the ancient Khmer empire, was built over the course of more than 30 years in the early 12th century. Believed to be a mausoleum for King Suryavarman II, the site was originally dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu but was converted to a Buddhist temple in the 14th century.

In short about the photo:
Title: Street View of Angkor Wat Temple
Location: Angkor Wat Site, Siem Reap province, Cambodia
Official Contributed by: Google

A Man Behind Grilled Corn

Corn is an agricultural product which can be processed into many products such as animal feed, bio-fuel, medicine and human food products. It also one of product that Cambodian people like growing it every year in order to earn some money. But in the photo, there is a man who manages the process of making it as food for human where he just has cultivated from corn farm at the back of his house in Koh Prak village, Kandal province, Cambodia.

In short about the photo:
Title: Man behind Grilled Corn
Location: Koh Prak Village, Kandal province
Camera: Nikon D3200
Photographer: Khmer HDR

What A Little Girl Eating

A little girl lives in Koh Prak village, Kandal province, Cambodia who is eating something and thinking what she could help her homeland when she is growing up as adult, probably. Could you guess what she is thinking about?

In short about the photo:
Title: A Little Girl Eating & Thinking
Location: Koh Prak Village, Kandal province
Camera: Nikon D3200
Photographer: Khmer HDR

A Brave Little Boy in front of Camera

Few kids while we are asking to take their photos, most are shy but this boy is not only brave standing in front of the camera but also open his eyes widely. He is a boy who lives in Koh Prak village, Kandal province, Cambodia.

In short about the photo:
Title: A Brave Little Boy
Location: Koh Prak Village, Kandal province
Camera: Nikon D3200
Photographer: Khmer HDR